A REGISTERED NGO (Registered in 1984)  

SHILP SADHANA is a society, established in the year 1984, registered with The Registrar, Firms Societies & Chits, Uttar Pradesh, under Societies Registration Act 26, of 1860 with Registration No. 768/84-85. The head office of the organization is at 14, Ram Block, Sector-11, Rajaji Puram, Lucknow 226 017 (UP).

The city of Lucknow has a prominent place in the history of India particularly for its art, historical monuments and rich cultural heritage. The rulers of Awadh, particularly the Moguls were very fond of art and cultural activities such as music, poetry, architecture and handicrafts. Besides being famous for its hot summers and a glorious past, Lucknow is also known the world over for its many fine Handicrafts. Some of the most popular names in this list are Chikankari, Hand Block Textile Printing, Zari Zardozi, Ivory or Bone Carving, Terracotta and many others that are practiced by various artisans of Lucknow.


In the year 1984, the artisans of Hand Block Textile printing craft of Lucknow felt a need of getting organized. With the main objective of revival of this traditional craft and under the guidance of Mr. Indra Bhushan, they formed an NGO “Textile Block Printers Association”, which was formally registered with The Registrar, Firms Societies & Chits, UP under Society’s Registration Act 26 of 1861 with registration no. 768/84-85. With efforts of this NGO the age-old handicraft of Hand Block Textile Printing of Lucknow, which was at the verge of extermination at that time, had a hope of revival.

Initially the prime objective and working of the NGO was very much confined to the revival of the Hand Block Textile Printing but thereafter organization inducted the objectives for upliftment of all other handicrafts too and the members of NGO feel urge to change the name of the society. In the year 2001 the name of the society was changed to “Shilp Sadhana” which reflects the devotion of artisans towards traditional crafts of India.